31 Jul 2020

Kids have a high chance of experiencing a dental emergency at some point during their childhood. Being highly active can increase your chances of breaking or cracking a tooth, or even knocking a tooth out. Our Stuart pediatric dentistry team has some helpful tips on how to handle a child’s dental emergency. Keep reading so that you can be prepared for any major or minor dental emergency.

The most important thing to remember during a dental emergency is that you need to remain calm. Some situations may require fast action and quick thinking, so you need to keep a clear head. Analyze the situation and call our Stuart pediatric dentistry team to let us know that you are on your way. If there is any bleeding, try and apply pressure using clean gauze or fabric. Be careful not to touch the damaged tooth if possible and avoid any sharp edges of any broken teeth.

Know the Signs

Identifying a dental emergency can help you better understand the appropriate action to take. Our Stuart pediatric dentistry team has some clear guidelines so that you can identify a dental emergency as soon as it occurs. Those signs include:

-knocked out tooth
-broken tooth
-excessive bleeding
-severe pain in one tooth

Save a Knocked Out Tooth

It is natural for kids to lose teeth to make room for their adult teeth, but they can sometimes lose teeth due to injury. That can be dangerous for their developing teeth that have yet to emerge and it can happen to their already fully developed tooth. If your child has lost an adult tooth, there are some steps you can take to try and preserve and repair it.

-pick up the tooth by the chewing surface
-place the tooth in milk, in a tissue, or back in the socket (unless it is a baby tooth, then you should NOT put it back in the socket)
-Call our office to let us know you are coming in
-Try to arrive at our office within 30 minutes of losing the tooth

We may be able to save the tooth if the injury is not too severe and if you are able to arrive at our office within 30 minutes. If we are unable to save the tooth, we can go over restorative options that may be appropriate for your child.

Come in for an Emergency Visit

If your child needs medical attention, call 911. You should also call our Stuart pediatric dentistry team any time your child’s teeth have been damaged in any way. We can thoroughly evaluate the area to determine if any treatment is necessary, such as an extraction or a repair. If your child’s tooth is broken down to the gumline, they are at a higher risk for developing serious infection. Even if the injury to their tooth is minor, you should make an appointment to get it checked out. We can make sure that your child’s smile is healthy and protected from further damage.