25 Nov 2019
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Your child’s dental health is essential to their overall wellbeing. Taking an active role in their dental health now can help prevent them from getting cavities in the future and it can encourage good oral health habits for the rest of their lives. Check out these tips from your family dentist in Stuart to help your child have healthy teeth and gums:

Beware of Sugar
Sugar has damaging effects on your child’s dental health if it’s left on the surface of their teeth. Excess sugar intake weakens tooth enamel and vulnerable to dental decay. Limiting the amount of sugar your child consumes is an easy way to reduce their risk of a dental health issue. Snacks containing added sugars or artificial sweeteners like corn syrup is also damaging to your child’s smile. Fruit juices have high levels of natural sugars and should be enjoyed in moderation.

Choose Snacks Wisely
Some snacks are beneficial for your child’s smile because they contain fiber, protein, and the necessary nutrients that your child needs to stay healthy. Healthy alternatives to sugary snacks include crunchy vegetables, protein-containing cheese, nuts, trail mix, and oatmeal. Making sure your child stays hydrated promotes saliva production and washes away any food debris that they may have lingering in their mouths. A healthy, balanced diet and a proper dental care routine are key to keeping you and your family’s teeth in good shape.

Visit Our Dentist Regularly
Our family dentist in Stuart maintains your child’s healthy smile. Taking your child to the dentist every six months keeps their teeth and gums healthy. It gives Dr. Casel the opportunity to detect any underlying dental health issues that may not be immediately visible to the untrained eye. Call Family & Implant Dentistry of Stuart to schedule your child’s next dental checkup.

Set A Good Example
The best way to teach your child about proper dental healthcare is to practice it yourself! Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, and modeling good dental care set the right example for your child’s dental health. Encourage healthy habits and teach them about the benefits that come with taking good care of their smiles.

If you would like to learn more about caring for your child’s smile, call our family dentist in Stuart, Dr. Casel. You can reach the office by calling us at 772-286-3088 or you can fill out a contact form directly on our website. We look forward to helping your child have a happy and healthy smile!