20 Jul 2018
What are the benefits of dentures in Stuart FL?

Your smile deserves a second chance! If you are experiencing partial or complete tooth loss, dentures in Stuart FL may be a great option for you. Smile restoration with dentures can leave your smile looking completely natural and recreate its original level of function. Here’s what you should know about dental dentures:

What are Dentures?

Dentures are a popular smile restoration option. A prosthetic oral appliance is made just for your mouth to replicate your natural smile. Your jaw and soft tissue support the denture to comfortably restore the look and function of your teeth.

What are the Benefits of Dentures?

There are more than just aesthetic benefits to dentures. Other health benefits include restoring function for proper speaking and eating, keeping the jawbone healthy and strong, filling out the face for proper structure.

Should I get dentures in Stuart FL?

Am I a Candidate for Dentures?

There are just a few stipulations that make a dental patient a good candidate for dentures. For of all, full dentures require that all teeth, either on the top or bottom jaw, are completely missing. Partial dentures are also available for partial tooth loss. Your overall oral health must be up to par, meaning that you have no signs of decay. Other than that, you will need to have a thorough examination to ensure that dentures are the best plan of action for you.

Are You Interested in Dentures in Stuart FL?

Dentures in Stuart FL are a traditional restorative option for those who are experiencing permanent tooth loss. If you are looking for a reliable form of smile restoration, contact us at Family and Implant Dentistry of Stuart to schedule an appointment today!