04 Dec 2018

You brush your teeth and you floss after every meal but then your dentist tells you that you need to have your teeth professionally cleaned as well. Is it really necessary to see a Dentist Stuart FL for a dental cleaning? The answer is of course. Below are three reasons why your dentist recommends that you visit the dental clinic for a teeth-cleaning session at least once every six months.

To Prevent Cavities

Preventing dental cavities is perhaps the top reason why people are encouraged to visit their dentist regularly. When your teeth have already been surrounded by plaque, it starts to eat away the outermost layer known as the enamel forming holes in the teeth resulting in the formation of cavities. Even though brushing and flossing help prevent the buildup of plaque, a dental cleaning twice a year is much more effective in removing hardened plaque.

To Keep Gum Disease at Bay

The notoriety of plaque does not end by creating cavities; plaque is also capable of destroying your gums by collecting underneath your gumline. If this is not removed right away it could lead to gum disease and eventually tooth loss. Luckily, with a professional dental clean, this can be avoided. Your dentist has the tools and the skills to effectively reduce the build-up of plaque consequently reducing your risk of gum disease.

Addresses Teeth Discoloration

Are you aware that certain habits can stain your teeth? Drinking wine, tea and coffee all contribute to yellow-stained teeth. Although brushing can help remove some of the stains, a professional dental clean is what you really need to have a whiter and brighter smile.

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Need a Dentist Stuart FL?

The reason why a lot of people forego visiting a dentist Stuart FL for a dental clean is that they want to save money. They are also convinced that brushing and flossing are enough. It is important to know that investing in dental cleaning is a smart choice because it’s cheaper compared to costly restorative dental procedures that are needed to fix dental cavities and gum disease. If you wish to have your teeth cleaned, visit Family and Implant Dentistry of Stuart today or call us to book an appointment.