11 Dec 2020

Dental emergencies are fairly common around the holiday season, so make sure you are doing what you can to protect your smile! While you can’t always prevent a dental emergency, there are some things you can do to help minimize your risk of experiencing a serious dental health issue. Our Stuart FL dentist has some helpful tips on how you can keep your smile merry and bright all December long!

If you knock out a tooth, don’t panic.
A knocked out tooth can actually be saved if you act quickly and try to preserve the tooth. This can help minimize any injury to your gum and prevent more costly smile restoration procedures later on. The first thing you should do if you knock out a tooth is to pick it up by the chewing surface and either put it in milk, a tissue, or back in the socket. A child’s tooth that has been knocked out should not go back in the socket because it can actually harm the developing adult tooth underneath the surface. Call our Stuart FL dentist to let our team know that you are on your way so that we can prepare a room for you. If you are able to arrive at our office within 30 minutes of the tooth being knocked out, we may be able to reattach it. If we are unable to repair the tooth, we can examine the area and provide you with some information about restoring the tooth. There are so many restorative dentistry treatments available to replace a tooth depending on how it was knocked out, so make sure you come in as soon as possible.

Don’t ignore serious tooth pain.
Severe, persistent tooth pain can be a sign of a serious oral health issue. If you notice sharp pain in one tooth or area of the gums, it is so important that you contact our office right away. While you may be able to put up with a little pain, this is actually not normal and could mean that you have an oral infection. Other signs of infection include facial swelling and pus in the area that is causing you discomfort. If not treated, and oral infection can actually be life-threatening, so make sure you are looking out for your smile! Other reasons for tooth pain could be that you have a cavity, periodontitis, hypersensitivity, or a TMJ disorder. Tooth pain is typically an indication that something is not right with your smile, and you need to be seen by a professional as early as possible to be treated. Don’t wait until your tooth pain turns into a dental emergency, schedule a visit when you first notice the recurring pain.

Call us if you’ve lost a filling or crown.
It is very common for people to lose fillings or crowns around the holiday season because they may be enjoying foods that they don’t typically eat. Fillings and crowns should be secure in place, and it could be a sign of severe dental decay if they were to somehow become dislodged. If you lose a piece of your dental work, you need to call our office right away. It is very possible that an area of your smile is now going to be exposed to food and debris that could gather and cause an infection in your mouth. Don’t push off visiting our Stuart FL dentist to repair a lost filling or crown. Your teeth can also become highly sensitive and uncomfortable if your dental work falls out, and that discomfort will not go away until the situation is properly repaired. Call our office as soon as you notice that something is wrong with your smile.

Use these tips to protect your smile this holiday season! You can’t always prevent a dental emergency, but with proper dental hygiene and regular dental visits, you are far less likely to experience one. Call our Stuart FL dentist to book your next dental cleaning for the new year.