14 May 2018
Am I a candidate for all on four implants in stuart fl?

Smile restoration can seem to be an overwhelming ordeal for those with a lot of damage. But, All-on-Four implants in Stuart FL can completely change your life – with minimal hassle. If you’ve experienced tooth loss, keep reading to learn if All-on-Four implants may be right for you.

What are All-on-Four Implants?

All-on-Four implants is a modern take on dental implants. The technique allows your dentist to use fewer implants to then place a full set of replacement teeth. This can restore oral health and function after tooth loss.

Benefits of All-on-Four Implants

There are so many benefits to getting All-on-Four implants. For starters, instead of getting a mouth full of implants with a more traditional approach, you walk out with just four implants per jaw. This makes the recovery process a lot easier on you. Plus, the rear implants are angled to ensure they are secure for those who may have experienced minor bone loss. Lastly, it’s a quick process, with the ability to complete it in a single day.

What are the benefits of all on four implants in Stuart FL?

Am I a Candidate for All-on-Four Implants?

One of the biggest benefits of All-on-Four implants is that patients with some bone loss can still be candidates. Now, that doesn’t make it an automatic guarantee. Our dentist will need to complete a full examination of your overall health – including your lifestyle habits, like smoking – to ensure that All-on-Four implants are right for you.

Are You Interested in Getting All on Four Implants in Stuart FL?

All on Four implants in Stuart FL can not only transform your smile but your entire life. So, if you’re ready to replace your teeth and restore your oral function, contact us today to schedule an appointment with our experienced staff.